Ah, fall, the season of cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and of course, stunning family photos surrounded by the warm hues of autumn leaves.

As a family photographer, I know that timing is everything when it comes to capturing the magic of this season. In this blog post, we'll explore the enchanting world of fall family photography, including the science behind those changing leaves and when to schedule your shoot for the best results. So, let's dive into this fun and enlightening guide!

The Science Behind Fall Foliage:

Before we jump into scheduling your fall family photos, let's take a moment to appreciate the science behind those mesmerizing autumn leaves. The secret ingredient? Nightly temperatures! When the temperatures start to drop, the trees sense it's time to prepare for winter. As a result, chlorophyll, the green pigment responsible for photosynthesis, begins to break down, revealing the hidden hues of red, orange, and yellow in the leaves.

Choosing the Perfect Moment:

Now that we know why the leaves change, let's discuss the best time to schedule your family photoshoot. Mother Nature's paintbrush typically starts to work its magic in late September to early October. This period varies depending on your location and the specific types of trees in your area. So, be sure to keep an eye on the local foliage reports to pinpoint the prime time for your shoot.

Golden Hour Magic:

To make your fall family photos truly enchanting, consider scheduling your shoot during the golden hour. This magical time, shortly after sunrise or before sunset, bathes everything in a warm, soft, and flattering light that complements the autumn colors perfectly. Plus, the gentle, diffused light creates a romantic and dreamy atmosphere for your photos.

Dress for the Season:

One of the most enjoyable aspects of fall family photography is choosing the perfect outfits. I encourage my clients to embrace the season with cozy sweaters, scarves, and warm earthy tones. These outfits not only look great but also keep everyone comfortable during the shoot.

Location, Location, Location:

Selecting the right location is essential for fall family photos. Consider picturesque spots like parks, orchards, or even your own backyard, where the vibrant foliage can serve as a stunning backdrop.

Leaf Play Fun:

Why not incorporate some playful leaf activities into your photoshoot? Have your family members toss leaves in the air, create leaf piles, or simply stroll through the fallen leaves together. These candid moments capture the essence of autumn and add a touch of fun to your photos.

Plan Ahead:

To ensure a smooth and stress-free photoshoot, plan ahead. Discuss the location, timing, and outfit choices with your photographer well in advance. This will help you create a relaxed and enjoyable experience during the session.


Fall family photoshoots are a delightful way to capture the warmth and beauty of the season. By understanding the science behind the changing leaves and carefully planning your shoot, we can create cherished memories that you will treasure for years to come. So, I'll grab the camera, you can embrace the autumn spirit, and let the magic of your fall family photoshoot unfold!