Located in NW Ohio but I travel everywhere!

I have no photography degree or formal training, but I'll tell you what I do have. A keen eye for detail, deep love for creativity, and a burning passion to document fleeting glimmers of time. I've taught myself everything I know through endless hours of research, ensuring my skills capture moments to be treasured forever by my clients.

What initially sparked the desire within me to provide photographs to clients is the fact that I didnt have many of myself while I was growing up. I wanted to provide that luxury to not only my own children but for every person that crosses my path.

Including you. 

I'm now booking 2024 & Beyond Weddings + portraits of all kinds.

The goal as your photographer is to create a comforting environment that allows your most natural and authentic self to shine through the photos that we capture. When you're looking over your photos, you'll instantly sense a smile come over your face as you're transported back in to those tiny moments.

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“For time is but a gentle thief, stealing fragments of our memories, but the lens, oh, the lens, it whispers promises to hold those stolen treasures forever.”