My Style in a few words

As an artist, my creative journey has been one of evolution, shaping a visual story that's uniquely mine.

When it comes to posing, I love crafting timeless portraits that stand the test of time. But here's the thing—I'm not just about the poses. I thrive on capturing those genuine, unscripted reactions that make your photos truly one-of-a-kind. It's the perfect blend of classic and candid, ensuring your memories are as authentic as they are beautiful.

The story of a photographer

Fun fact about me, I love bullet points and to do lists, so what better way to learn about me than with a little list!

  • I'm a mother to three of the best kids in the world
  • Christian music is always on the radio but occasionally I jam out to old school hip hop
  • Country girl at heart, I love all things nature
  • We live on a 5 acre homestead and homeschool our kids
  • I have three dogs, two of them weighing over 150 lbs
  • I started out a Canon girl but after going mirrorless I've fallen in love with Sony
  • I used to hate having my photo taken, but now I throughly enjoy it
  • My dad instilled an entrepreneurial spirit within me as a child & thats whats driven me to make this business a success
  • My favorite subjects to shoot are couples, seniors & babies

Those are just a few fun facts about me but most importantly I want you to know I'm human and creating a genuine connection with each and every one of my clients is my biggest goal because I know if we can achieve that, you will adore the photographs I take of you.